Kendrick Shen

I am a student at Stanford University studying computer science (M.S., B.S. with honors) and keyboard music (B.A.) with expected graduation in 2022. I work with Professors Tengyu Ma and Percy Liang at the Stanford AI Lab and with Dr. Sharon Hori at the Canary Center for Cancer Early Detection. I also love playing the classical piano and guitar and enjoy learning about music composition, history, and theory.

Research (* denotes equal contribution)

How does Contrastive Pre-Training Connect Disparate Domains?
Kendrick Shen*, Robbie Jones*, Ananya Kumar*, Sang Michael Xie*, Percy Liang
NeurIPS Workshop on Distribution Shifts 2021

Extending the WILDS Benchmark for Unsupervised Adaptation
Shiori Sagawa*, Pang Wei Koh*, Tony Lee*, Irena Gao*, Sang Michael Xie, Kendrick Shen, Ananya Kumar, Weihua Hu, Michihiro Yasunaga, Henrik Marklund, Sara Beery, Etienne David, Ian Stavness, Wei Guo, Jure Leskovec, Kate Saenko, Tatsunori Hashimoto, Sergey Levine, Chelsea Finn, and Percy Liang
NeurIPS Workshop on Distribution Shifts 2021

Theoretical Analysis of Self-Training with Deep Networks on Unlabeled Data
Colin Wei, Kendrick Shen, Yining Chen, Tengyu Ma
ICLR 2021 (Oral presentation)